Arts & Crafts “Morris” Chair Upholstered in Olive Leather and made to order


Welcome to my web site of miniature furniture for your dollshouse.   I have been making upholstered dollshouse furniture since 1993 and mainly in 1/12th scale (1/2"). Other scales are available (1/24th and 1/16th and I also make 1/6th scale - Barbie size).  I research all the furniture from "full size" and scale it down using various interesting fabrics to include fine cotton, silks, velvets and fine glove leather.


My work has been featured in various magazines over the years to include The Dolls House, Dolls House and Miniature Scene, Dolls House World and Tatler.  I sell my furniture all over the world.   I have also sold my furniture to architects for showing a house project to their clients and my furniture has been displayed in a famous jewellery store in London to drape their diamond necklaces on!


Most of the furniture on my website is available to order: Please see "Contact Me" details.






All the furniture that I make and are shown on this website are covered by Copyright and may not be copied even for private use.


All the furniture that I make is intended for adult collectors and therefore is unsuitable for children under the age of 14 years.



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